Connecting Communities through Performance

Welcome to Reve(a)l Productions

We aim to support the growth and development of marginalised and disadvantaged groups using Social & Community Theatre (Applied Theatre). We produce ‘Shows with Meaning’ in local community settings and work flexibly on a range of projects. Audiences may be small and connected to the performers or in a wider setting – the performances bring a message to the audience that is critical to the development of the performers in changing their lives or the lives of others.

Reve(a)l Productions works with varied communities including: war affected youth and schoolchildren in Sierra Leone; serving soldiers; veterans in rehabilitation; recovering addicts; homeless people; children and adults with special needs; young women at risk; ex-offenders; young people. We aim to work with this diversity, and also with audiences who connect with these performers.

Reveal Productions works closely on productions with imaginAge Ltd, a separate company run by Joanna Procter and Stephen Moss. imaginAge is dedicated to producing videos about intergenerational connection and ageing well.


Reveal Productions has received with gratitude a number of project grants for its work from Arts Council England



Who has Reve(a)l worked with?

A selection of our videos

Directed by Joanna Procter 2016. She is directing an extended version for LangFest (Sept) 2017.

Please note: Much of Reve(a)l’s work is confidential and therefore film footage is limited.