What is Social & Community Theatre?

Social Theatre (sometimes referred to as Applied Theatre) is the use of performance as an agent for individual and/or group change, empowerment and transformation. Reve(a)l Productions impacts in the following ways:

Personal Change

Reve(a)l Productions enables deeper change and is designed to support emotional health and self-esteem by connecting feelings, movement and voice-work through performance. It creates a safe place to resolve conflict, and encourages rehabilitation from trauma, addiction, and life altering injuries.


Reve(a)l Productions promotes learning, both traditional and alternative. It encourages people to ask questions and make discoveries for themselves, about themselves. Through this collaborative process we explore personal and social issues, as well as experiencing a unique environment created specifically to encourage learning.

Community Development

Reve(a)l Productions develops community to bring together people wishing to create a common experience. Stories are shared for the benefit of both the individual and the community in order to shape/reshape the community story. This type of theatre is beneficial in reconnecting and healing communities that have suffered through a collective trauma.

* Please note that Social Theatre can often make use of specific locations. The interaction between people and place during a performance can itself be transformative.