Please take a moment to read some feedback from Joanna’s clients.

“Unique and refreshing – makes you think a bit”

“Lovely to be able to see a show – “especially something outside

“Completely unexpected and so different”
“Fantastic experience and something different in bringing the community together”
“Great to share this with our neighbours”
'Heartbeat' Doorstep Theatre Audiences, East and West Coker, Somerset

Joanna (of Reve(a)l Productions) has a passionate belief in the transformative and uplifting power of the theatre, and has spent the last 30 years honing her craft and developing her own bespoke tool box of workshop skills and techniques. She brings qualities of professionalism, generosity, intuitiveness and humour to her Applied Theatre practice creating a uniquely safe space where theatre can provide an experience of healing and growth.

Angie Smith, Administrative Producer - Barbican Theatre, London

Reve(a)l Productions co-facilitated a staff team day of the Kids Company team in Bristol. Their contribution was considered and well planned. Staff felt encouraged and empowered to participate in activities, which for some would have been outside their comfort zone. However the feedback from staff was overwhelmingly positive and we were very pleased that Reve(a)l delivered a really positive staff day.

Esther Keller, Director of Services - Kid’s Company, Bristol

Joanna Procter produced several projects for Wembley Crime Prevention. She brought to life crime prevention and personal safety through drama and the groups she worked with produced some powerful theatre. ‘The Young Women at Risk’ by Every Chick Counts linked fairy tales to the issues of modern day young women. The participants gained a great deal from this unique and challenging work and said how much they had learnt and enjoyed the project. Her work with them was invaluable.

Esme Moss, The Chair of Wembley Crime Prevention Panel

I have had the great pleasure of working with Joanna Procter for many years firstly through my last Charity The Warrior Programme where she played a key role in putting together a fantastic performance with both homeless individuals, as well as a number of ex-servicemen suffering from Post Traumatic Stress.

More recently she has been working with my new Charity Key4Life which has been set up to tackle youth reoffending. Joanna has contributed to our workshops with young offenders, helping them release their trauma and regain their personal power. She also helped prepare a number of young rappers who have been involved in gang warfare and crime perform for the first time at an exclusive event in December 2013. Joanna has a wonderful way of helping individuals realise their potential. It is a great gift she has.

Eva Hamilton MBE, Founder & Chief Executive, Key4Life

At Manor School we cater for the needs of 133 children with severe learning difficulties between the ages of 4 and 11. Manor School is an inner city school in London, England with a diverse multi-cultural intake.

Joanna Procter has delivered two separate projects with our pupils this year. She initially came to work with us through a link with an agency that provided funding for developing citizenship skills through drama. This project was very successful and we saw our pupils achieve success beyond our expectations in both developing citizenship skills and using drama as a medium.

On the basis of this work we were keen to bring Joanna’s expertise back into our school to support the development of an Art Week project incorporating, drama, music, art and expression. Joanna Procter excelled in meeting these aims. Joanna is a very committed and reflective practitioner who has high expectations for pupils based on perceptive observation and formative assessment of pupil’s skills and aptitudes.

Louise Kimber, Deputy Head Teacher - Manor School, London
“It’s given us a lot to talk about for the next few days” 
“We didn’t know what was coming but lots of thought and it makes YOU think too”
“Very original and the fact its close to the village and it’s so appropriate to us”
“It’s really important to get a chance to talk about what has actually happened – and having live performance”
“This is totally about what people are thinking and feeling”
'Heartbeat' Doorstep Theatre Audiences, East and West Coker, Somerset

Joanna, what a fabulous night! You and the guys were great and have had rave reviews. I think it was the highlight of the night for most people.

Rebecca Cole, The Warrior Programme c/o Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation

Joanna had a natural compassion whilst working with our wounded Servicemen and women. She is considerate, an expert in her field and can get each individual to their best potential in the smallest amount of time.

In a two hour period she improved (their) confidence to a significant degree. One resident in particular initially refused to participate, by the end, he was volunteering to stand up and do improv in front of the class. Joanna is a trusted external facilitator in a challenging environment. She is highly respected by Help for Heroes.

Jennifer Peckham, Events & Programme Coordinator - Help for Heroes, Recovery Centre

In July of 2009 the Coldstream Guards undertook a number of sessions of drama training to increase the confidence of the new Guardsman and to encourage team building in a non-military environment. The program was designed and implemented by Joanna Procter. By the end of the course improvements in leadership, public speaking and camaraderie were evident. In particular, improvements were seen in the Guardsman’s confidence when speaking to higher ranks and working together. This type of training may also benefit those going through the resettlement process, or who require de-institutionalizing before leaving the forces. Dramatics training does have a place in the Army.

Lieutenant S. B. M., Coldstream Guards

In post conflict Sierra Leone, young people have struggled to regain lives left in turmoil. Joanna’s Applied Theatre has given them a form of expression and creativity to convey their opinions and frustrations as well as developing their creative expression, which in turn leads to a sense of empowerment.

Chani Wates, Programme Assistant - Environmental Foundation for Africa

Joanna Procter is a very inspiring woman.  Her communication skills, motivation and attention to detail were a real credit to her.  Joanna worked passionately and efficiently with the students during the workshop and illustrated a determined and innovative approach to teaching Drama. She built excellent relationships with the students  and they were keen to highlight how engaging she was.  I was particularly pleased with her attention to detail.

Mercy Oteng, Head of Drama - Alperton Community School

Joanna Procter is the most wonderful facilitator. She wrote a script and produced a performance specifically for our project which supports people with addictions. She worked with a mixture of staff and service users with the perfect balance of leadership and sensitivity to get the best from everyone involved. Her exactitude and encouragement made it a life enhancing experience for all the participants. I cannot recommend her work highly enough. Everyone is still talking about it.

Ronnie Aaronson, Project Leader of the SWAN Project in Bristol